Wednesday, January 28, 2009


-Day 28-
We had some major ice here yesterday & as I was out walking around this morning snapping some pictures it reminded me of a little book I was reading by Beth Moore called 'Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life'. I just have to share a smidge of it here so you can get the gist of what I'm talking about.
'I want you to go to the furthest reaches of your intellect & I want you to try & measure excellence with me. I want you to think of things around you that speak grandeur to you. I want you to think of the wonders of creation. I want you to think of universal order, which is so magnificent, the natural laws.
They're nothing but mere works of His hands! Nothing but the merest suggestion of His person!
When my husband Keith & I were in South Africa we wanted to see some giraffes. God was so sweet to show off for me. It's something I'm always asking Him to do. I think nothing of saying, "Show off for me! ...if you delight me, I promise You I will jump up & down." I truely believe that the more you applaud God, the more He comes in for an encore!
Anyway, as we were out driving through a field we saw one giraffe. And so I applauded God, I said,"Oh, yes! You are so good!" Just then He brought out fifteen more! We were awed by what we saw. Keith & I just sat there & looked at the wonder of God's creativity.'
Well, the kids (and Clay & I too for that matter) were really hoping for a good ole snow. So after having read that, I prayed & asked God to show off for me with some beautiful snow. He just chose to send ice instead. So, as I walked around my yard this morning, I made sure to take it all in & jump up & down & applaud God for his creativity. It IS beautiful, isn't it?!!

-Day 27-
This was the sleet on our roof yesterday morning.....before the REAL ice started.

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