Sunday, January 25, 2009

Deer Tacos

-Day 25-
We had 'Deer Tacos' tonight for supper. Meaning that Clay ground the deer meat to make our burger....thus 'Deer Tacos' for supper. ;-)
Just a simple layout of some random pics I had of Sanji & Bunny....doing what cats do best....being Lazy!


Sandee said...

Hey, we had tacos too....only ours were filled with tofu that looked just like your dear (oops) deer meat! How funny.

Babydoll said...

Deer tacos?? I've never heard of that. I love the layout.

Tammy Townsend said...

Deer tacos? Can't say I've ever heard of that either....interesting none the less. My brother has made stuffing at Thanksgiving once using deer meat, so I guess I can see it...just never thought about it til you mentioned it, KWIM? So how were they??

And I love the layout, I really glad to see you using your stuff from Michael's. Even though I bought a lot of it, I have yet to use it, a bit intimidated by the colors now that I have it at home....maybe I can "scraplift" some of your layouts....especially the "only a face" one.

Kaye said...

Do deer tacos taste like beef tacos?

I love the layout!