Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday's Picture of the Day

-Day 13-
I was puttering along nicely yesterday morning until I went to do the dishes & realized that we had no water. Now, my first thought was the water froze...Clay on the other hand thought it was the toilet handle that is temperamental & has to be jiggled just right. The toilet handle DID need to be jiggled, but then when Clay went out to the pump house to check on things, he found out that we had a leak out there that was probably the cause NOT the toilet handle. So, the temperamental toilet handle turned out to be a blessing.....not sure how long that leak in the pump house would've gone if we hadn't gone out there when we did. So, long story short..............We had no water ALL day while Clay & Jon worked on the pipes. Praise the Lord it happened when it did.....on a week day when Clay was home & could work on it instead of on the weekend while he was away at work. Plus we had no plans to go anywhere yesterday, so the fact that I stayed in my jammies & didn't get a shower til 4pm was ok too. We did our school work & then scrapped & played for the afternoon. So...... for my picture of the day documenting the fact that we had NO water all day long............I decided AGAINST taking a picture of ME in my jammies with my hair pulled back in a pony & opted instead for my sink full of dirty dishes. ;-P


Tammy Townsend said...

OH NO Amy....girl I feel for ya....I used to live out in the country and our pipes froze one night....and I know how it is to be without water. And sadly enough, something that I just took for granted. Love the picture too by the way. I thought taking a picture everyday was going to be hard, but it just seems like something just "presents" itself for us to photograph. KWIM?

Sherri said...

You don't realize how much you depend on the stuff until it isn't there. Sometimes the water company will turn ours off to work on it without telling everyone first....makes me so mad!!
I love your daily posts.