Saturday, January 31, 2009


-Day 31-
I've completed a whole month's worth of pictures. Yay me! Thanks to Michael today for suggesting I take a picture of my yarn. I had just straightened everything up & had my latest project folded up in the basket there & thought what a great idea. I love the colors of the yarns & plus this is part of who I am.....Love to crochet!Been cleaning today! Trying to get ready for Ella & the kids to come down Monday for the day. I vacuumed upstairs this morning & cleaned the bathroom. Then after lunch I dusted & ran the vacuum down here. Also did a lot of straightening up & putting away. Looks really nice.....I only hope it can last through tomorrow until Monday when they come. LOL I also spent some time this afternoon putting layouts into albums. I had two HUGE stacks on my shelf all the way from last summer when I did Scrapfest. I ended up with 3 albums full (1 1/2" binders) & I still have a stack over there that will probably fill another album. I just ran out of page protectors. Now, as soon as I get my PJs on, I'm gonna start working on my Project 365 pictures. I have the album & a few baseball card page protectors....enough to get me started. Will have to pick up some more of those also this coming up week.


Babydoll said...

YAY for you!! A month of pictures is a huge accomplishment!! You inspire me. :)

Tammy Townsend said...

Just want you to know that I truly am thankful for your comments and such on my keep me motivated to stay current....thanks a bunch!