Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

-Day 32-Nothing special happening here....We spent the better part of the afternoon watching the I Love Lucy marathon on TV while working on scrap stuff. I put several page kits together so hopefully I'll be able to get something accomplished tomorrow when Ella is here. This evening we fixed BBQ wings, fries & deviled eggs for our Super Bowl supper. Here, Michael is enjoying his dinner while watching Ben Roethlisberger....thought that was a pretty good shot for the day. Clay is the only one who really cares about watching.....he's the only one left in there now. The others are more interested in straightening up, getting things ready for their friends to come over tomorrow. ;-)

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Tammy Townsend said...

Can't say that we watched it here...Shawn wasn't home, and I only tend to watch that stuff when he's know, that share in each others "hobby" thing....any woo, I like the picture, and it's cool that you got the superbowl in it as well....

wonder if we can do something ground hog day related for 2-2-09...LOL just kidding