Sunday, February 08, 2009


-Day 39- Man, another nice day for was almost 70 this afternoon. Ashley & I sat outside for a while reading, the kids took a walk, rode their bikes, hit some golf balls out in the front field & even went down to the pond fishing for a bit. Then I drug out the grill & fired it up for the first time this year. Oh my goodness do I Love the smell of the grill! We did burgers, dogs & chicken for Ashley. Throw in some fries, baked beans, corn & tater salad & it was an awesome supper. It all tasted SO good!


Sandee said...

Lordy, girlfriend! We don't get the spiders out of our grill until July for sure! Didn't anyone tell you it is WINTER????

Kaye said...

Yummy!! I can't wait until the snow is gone so we can get the grill out. There's nothing better than burgers on the grill!