Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girly Day

-Day 48-
Ashley & I had been planning this day for a long time.......She had been wanting to go to Pizza Hut for a thin crust pizza (everyone else loves pan pizza) & so we had decided that whenever Twilight finally came to the dollar theater, that we would go make a day of it. So.....our first stop of the day was Pizza Hut for our THIN crust veggie-lovers pizza. It was so Yummy....we ate the whole stinkin' thing!! Next on the agenda was a hair cut. Again, Ashley had been patiently waiting forever wanting to get her hair cut. And believe it or not, this past Friday I got a coupon in the mail for a $7.99 haircut. I had planned on taking her Tuesday anyway as kind of a surprise & this made it all the more perfect. We both ended up getting our hair cut. Mine, I just got trimmed & kind of shaped up. She wanted a really good trim with some long layers cut in & long, thin, wispy bangs. Here's the BEFORE:
and AFTER:
I love how it turned out! I think she ended up getting about 5" cut off the length, but it really needed it though. She's happy & so that's what matters. ;-)

After the hair cuts, we piddled around a little bit before time for the movie. She ran into Target to pick up a couple of tops that she had been debating on getting & was pleasantly surprised that they were cheaper than she thought they were. Then I ran into AC Moore to look at cross-stitch stuff (gasp)....I haven't cross-stitched in forever. But I saw something on Becky Higgins blog that her mother had made her & I fell in love with it. It was a little hook hanging on her wall near the light switch & her mother had cross-stitched a basket full of little fore each month... & you hang that month's pillow on the hook & then change them out each month. Totally cute. Well, I dug out my stash of patterns & found one that I had from Jeremiah little desgin for each month of the year & so I was about to bust a gut to go buy some aida & floss & get started on my newest project. Will have to post a picture of that soon. Anyway.....after our little shopping spree, we headed on over to the theater. The movie was really good....but we both agreed it just didn't quite measure up to the book. You know how it is when you read something & picture things in YOUR mind......certain things in the movie just weren't like how we had imagined them. But definitely will watch it again when it comes out on Netflix. The scenery was awesome & we loved the music too. All in all, it was a totally FUN day!


Sandee said...

I love Ashley's new doooo! And I'm with her....nothing like thin crust pizza.

Babydoll said...

Glad you two had fun Amy!! I love the haircut. :)

Wanda said...

I lover Ashley's hair! It looks great! Sounds like a really fun day. Haven't seen Twilight yet, guess I will just read the books.