Sunday, February 08, 2009

Grocery Store Math

-Day 38- I hate taking pictures of myself....but anyway, this was representative of my day yesterday. I cut my bangs. After about a year of growing them out, I just couldn't stand it anymore & after much anxiety & deliberating & reading/studying threads that I had googled about 'How to cut your own bangs' I just finally did it! I was really pleased with myself until Clay got home from work last night & the first thing he said, 'What'd ya go & do that for?' Oh well.......what's done is'll grow.
I haven't shared much of anything school related in a long time, so I thought I'd share our Grocery Store Math that we did on Friday. Let me back up a bit......the last chapter that Ashley had done on Thurs. was about Unit Price/Rates/ Sales Tax. Now, I'm always on the look-out for the best value for my money, but honestly I had never taken that close of a look at the little shelf tags to check out the unit price. So, we were on a mission to examine all the shelf tags & check out more closely the unit prices of the stuff we were buying. The one that stood out in particular to me was when we were buying cereal. Jon had requested Pops this week, so as I was checking out the price/size of the box, etc. I pointed out to Ashley that the largest box was NOT the best price per unit like most folks would generally think. It was actually the middle-sized box that was the cheapest per unit. The small box & the large box were almost identical in unit price. I also had her practicing her percents & sales tax stuff while we were in AC Moore. Finding out how much off the item would be with our 40% coupon & then how much the tax would be on said item. It really ended up being kind of fun. Of course, that's the beauty of CAN be fun AND practical. You can't beat the math/money lessons that get right in the actual store on the sutff you are buying! And on top of all that, Alli is getting in on the lesson too & actually learning a bit of this along with Ashley.


Sandee said...

First of all, I love the bangs! Secondly, good for you to give those hands-on life lessons that are so important. Here, the generic brand isn't necessarily cheaper than the name brand. I love your lessons....keep 'em coming. Hugs!

Babydoll said...

Cute bangs!!

Fatcat said...

My son loves Frosted Mini Wheats. One week, the 18 ounce box will be the least expensive, then the following week, the 24 ounce box will be the least expensive. It's weird.

You're brave to cut your bangs but it looks like you did a good job.