Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our NEW couch

-Day 50- Clay got a wild hair Thursday afternoon & decided it had been a long time since we had just gone shopping. Not for anything in particular, but basically just for a fun family thing to do. So, we loaded up & headed to town. We hit the mall, a music store....where Clay enjoyed checking out the guitars & madolins. Supper at Golden Corral (Blech....not my choice place to eat!!) Then over to Sams & Walmart. I went ahead & got my grocery stuff at Sams so I wouldn't have to do that on Friday. My two big purchases were some page protectors & a scarf/hat/mitten set from Claire's to put away for Anna for next Christmas. And the big purchase of the evening was Ashley's new digi camera.....a Kodak Easy Share for $84. She has been saving & shopping around forever & was SO tickled to finally find a good one for a good price!
-Day 51-
The girls & I met Maw, Sarah, Anna & Daniel for lunch yesterday at Subway. Couldn't resist this photo op as we left the restaurant. Check out Batman there.....complete with the Batman shirt (including the cape tucked up under his coat) & of course the mask too.
-Day 52-
About a week ago, we bought our very first NEW couch set from Schewels in Amherst. In our 22 years of married life we have never owned a NEW's always been a hand-me-down piece from someone. First from Granny & Papaw, then one from Maw & Pop, we bought one from our friend Mike, one from some folks we knew back in NC & finally our last couch was given to us by my cousin. So, this is our first official NEW couch set. Not the best shot in the's hard to get good lighting in there for a pic, but anyway. I thought it was kinda cool that I captured Cosby on TV too. And please don't look at the mud on the knees of Michael's jeans. Yikes!


Fatcat said...

Pretty couch!

Kaye said...

I love when we do a random shopping day. It happens about once a year, and it's so much fun!

I love the new couch!! Congrats! I would love to get a new couch for my living room or a new table for my dining room (or any table for my dining room LOL!) or new bedroom furniture or ANYTHING new. There just never seems to be money for stuff like that, though.