Monday, February 23, 2009

Barbie House

-Day 54-
Alli is in Barbie heaven! Some friends of ours at church....Jay & Elizabeth....collect all kinds of Barbie stuff. They scour Good Will & yard sales & what-not. Anyway, they had told me that they just needed to clean out some of their stuff & really wanted to pass it along to Alli if we didn't mind. They knew she LOVED Barbies & wanted this stuff to go to someone who would love it. So, they came out to the house today to bring Alli this cool vintage-style Barbie house. I had no idea when they told me about it that it was going to be this cool wooden-framed house. They had come across this at Good Will for $3. And along with the house they brought her a whole box full of all kinds of Barbie accessories. She has played & played with all her new goodies all afternoon. Just like Christmas to her. Charlie has even enjoyed this new place to play & sleep. Thanks so much, Jay & Elizabeth, for making Alli's day & thinking of us!!

Just a quick layout that I did this afternoon. Our Charlie-Bug (as we call him) with his mama, Squirrel.


smile said...

how cool! and how sweet of J&E!! loving it with the cat!

Babydoll said...

What a great doll house and I see the cat agrees!! LOL!! Love the layout too. :)

Kaye said...

What a cool Barbie house! I love it!!