Friday, February 06, 2009

More BD celebrating

-Day 37-
Yesterday was Maw's BD....she's been partying for about a week now. Aunt Linda came up & took her out to Cracker Barrel this past Sat. for her BD. Then yesterday her friend Thelma took her to a new little place down town for lunch & last night she had BD supper at Sarah's house. So, we snagged her for lunch today & took her to O'Charley's. Sorry that Sarah & the kids missed out....we had a really nice time!

-Day 36-
Yesterday was also Chris' BD.....his big #20! Yep, he & Maw share the same birthday. He was actually due on MY birthday & had the nerve to wait two whole weeks & be born on Maw's BD. Anyway, we took him to eat supper at Pizza Hut last of his favorites. ;-) We had a really fun time & I was able to get the kids to be agreeable for at least a couple of nice pictures to commemorate Chris' big day. Sent him home (or back to the dorm) with a big ole two-layer devil's food cake with chocolate icing. I got a note on my facebook this morning thanking me for the cake & saying that all the guys said 'Thank You' too! ;-) You think they're sucking up to me for some home-made Valentine goodies?! LOL

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lpwcubby said...

Good looking family - I know you're proud of each one!