Saturday, January 24, 2009

My 4#@$%th Birthday

What a fun day I had! Met all the girls for lunch at O'Charley's...they are SO good about putting up with our rather large group of moms & kids....we LOVE going here! Our group consisted of Maw, Sarah, Anna, Daniel, Danielle, Dillon, Cori, Jesse, Taylor, Me, Ashley & Alli.
-Day 23-
My picture of the tea glass. I loved the lighting here & this is SO me. I LOVE sweet tea with lemon & as long as they keep coming & refilling it, I'll keep sitting there sipping it. ;-)

Ella told them it was my BD & also that Alli had just had a BD & so they brought us both these yummy desserts. It was some kind of caramel pie...really good, but really rich. Didn't take much to give you a sugar overload, so those two pieces were plenty for us to share around the table.

Me & my girls! Me & Ella.....bestest friends.
3 generations....Maw, Ashley, me & Alli. I swear we put on a show out in the parking lot. Just call us the Paparazzi.....Me & Ella were taking picutres & the girls were taking pictures...we're training them young. ;-)

Just a couple of the bargains I found yesterday at Target. Both Making is a Christmas card/tag kit for $3.24.....I figured the 12 cards/envies was worth that right there. The other is an acrylic stamp set....Christmas stamps with an alphabet set & two little ink pads....for $4.98.....had been about $15, I think. After our grocery shopping & running errands we came home & Clay was gone. When I asked Michael where he was, he wouldn't tell me...just grinned...but in a few minutes he came driving up with Chinese for supper. What a sweetie...So I wouldn't have to cook last night. And the boys had the kitchen all nice & cleaned up....Michael had swept the floor & Jon had washed the dishes & they had even made tea! What a nice ending to a nice day. Now today Ashley says it's my day off...since yesterday was spent out & about running errands & grocery shopping like today we are going to scrap & watch Girly movies all day. Alli wants to watch 'A Cinderella Story' & Ashley wants to watch 'The Sound of Music'. And Ashley & Alli are going to bake me a BD cake. ;-) Don't I have the sweetest kids?! Oh & Chris remembered too......when I ran up on campus to pick up a game from him that Jon wanted to borrow....I found it along with a BD note that he wrote me in the glove box of his car....not to mention his BD message on facebook along with a TON of others from friends & family too. I am truely blessed!

And last, but not least.....My -Day22- picture.....taken at our library.


Sandee said...

I swear, your blog is like reading a good novel. I don't want to start anything until I've read your latest installment! What a fantastic day you had....belated BD wishes to you! Just one thing, I can't quite read the number after the 4___? Which one is it?

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Lisa J. said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day! I love O'Charleys! Now I have to go see if I can find some of those Michaels bargains you found!