Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Goodness...I can't believe that it's been almost a week since I last updated my blog! Thursday Chris came up for the day...supposedly to simply get his car inspected & hang for the day & enjoy some fresh fried fish for supper. But NO...it couldn't be that easy. His car needed two new tires on it to be able to pass inspection, so the whole rest of the afternoon was spent getting & putting on new tires. Which also meant that it was too late to get it inspected then. So....Chris went on back to Lburg & Clay had to go the next day, pick up his car, come get it inspected & take it back. ;-P Ah well....such is life. Then, last Sat. was NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) so that meant lots of challenges & online games at Lifetime Moments over the weekend. Ashley & I had a great time with the music cranked up & scrapping away! Between the two of us, I think we got about 15 layouts done!! So, all my time has been focused on getting challenges done. Will have to see if all that work pays off in the way of any prizes. ;-) No matter what...we had alot of fun & got that many more memories tucked away in the albums.-Day 123- Thought it would be neat to document my morning routine. Coffee...LOL....fix tea for the kiddos, set vitamins out for the day & then sit down to check my email/online devotion/chat with Maw.
-Day 122- This was Sat.....thought it fitting to snap a pic of the table with all our scrap-crap spread everywhere! And while it may look like chaos....you'd better not touch my piles because I know right where everything is. We definitely get down & dirty when we scrap. LOL I have to 'clean up' after each project is done before I can start on another.

-Day 121- I love seeing a field full of little butter cups in the spring! So, when I came home from town on Fri. I just stopped at the bottom of the drive right by the mailbox & snapped this pic.

-Day 120- Our Spirea Bush is in full bloom out on the side of the front porch...one of my favorites!


Sandee said...

This all makes me want to hang out with you for about a month!

Amy said...

Well, c'mon!