Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

-Day 130-
I snapped this picture through the kitchen window last night as Clay sat outside talking to his mom wishing her a Happy Mother's Day.
I had a super nice Mother's & picutres from my kiddos plus lots of hugs & kisses too. Gosh, I am so blessed to have THE BEST job in the whole wide world!! After church...we picked up Little Ceasra's pizza & took it to Maw's so we could celebrate with her & Sarah too. An extra little side treat......I got to see my old boyfriend's mom & aunt. Long story.......for those that remember Scott....his aunt's granddaughter was graduating from Liberty this weekend & Linda (aunt) & Jeannie(Scott's mom) stayed with Maw over the weekend because it was impossible to find a hotel room in Lburg. Anyway...they hung around after church Sunday til we got there just to say Hi & visit with us a bit before they had to hit the road. After lunch we visited while the kids played. We had a real nice time....even managed to get some nice Mother's Day pcitures....although I had to count on Ashley for all my pictures....someone, I won't mention names, but his initials are JAB...took my batteries out of the charger before they were done charging, so I was left with dead batteries on Mother's Day. Anyways....nice home about supper time...we all had left-overs...hotdogs which I had grilled the night before, so NO cooking for me!! Yay!
-Day 129-

Michael found this cute little guy in the dog's water bowl & brough it up to show me.

-Day128-The reson behind this photo.....for several weeks now it's been our Friday evening ritual to go get $5 footlongs for our supper after a long day of grocery shopping & errands. So, last week Clay & I went out to our Subway & realized that all the window signs were down & that the menu had more $5 footlongs. We were really sad. But Ashley kept telling me how the commercials continued to be on TV for them. Then Clay started saying they were just $5 for certain subs not all of them. So we decided to make a point of checking out the Subways in Lburg when we went to town this week & sure enough....each one that we passed had these signs in the windows......$5 ANY footlong.

-Day 127-
Again, just a snapshot from one of our evening walks. Coming down the road from Skippy's with our drive in sight.

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