Thursday, May 07, 2009

Summer Vacation

-Day 126-
The kids & I went yesterday afternoon to help Chris clean out his room & haul stuff back home for the summer. The kids LOVE going up there & getting in on the college experience whenever they can. Below, Jon & Michael pose at the end of Chris' bed...his shelf on the wall & closet to the right. Dorm 25 room mates...Jay & Aaron. Waiting on Fletcher, his RA to turn in his key & sign out for the last time.
Jon & Michael dumpster digging....LOL! We found some really nifty stuff. A collapsable mesh laundry hamper, a rubber maid shelf, Ashley got one of those round hippy-looking chairs....what else....oh yeah, Chris got a small TV that someone had left.

-Day 125-
Midnight & Eddy playing on what's left of our woodpile on the front porch. Can you guess which kitty is Eddy & which one is Midnight? ;-)
Was enjoying my morning computer time when I noticed these birds outside making such a racket! The little apple tree out here in the corner by the garden was just FULL of starlings...but of course when I grabbed my camera & ran outside they flew off. I watched as they moved down the hill. Part of them were in the walnut tree here behind Uncle Richard's house & the others that they were 'talking' to were in that tree down by the sawmill. Of course you can't see the birds at all in this picture, but anyways....they were there....TONS of them!!


Sandee said...

I'm sure it will be wonderful to have Chris home again. Does this mean classes are out for the MHS (Mom's Home School) as well?
I love the photo of your invisible starlings.

Babydoll said...

Amy, you are still doing great keeping up with the daily pictures!! :)

Juliet Diley said...

Great pics!!!!