Thursday, May 14, 2009

A couple of Layouts

Pics from Chris' 20th birthday supper at Pizza Hut. Ashley found this little questionaire that we had done with each other LAST year on Mother's Day. She wrote out two sets of questions...exactly the same...& then we each took a piece of paper & answered the questions about each other. I had this picture sitting there that Ella took of us at the Christmas party & thought it was the perfect picture of us together to go along with our little questionaire. The questionaires are tucked inside that little envelope.
Some of the questions include-

(Ashley's answers about me first & then my answers about her)
1. Favorite type of book to read-
Ashley: Amish (Beverly Lewis books) & Harry Potter..........this was obviously BEFORE 'Twilight' LOL!!
Amy:Harry Potter & History
2. Your dream vacation place is...
Ashley:Mississippi to see your online scrapping friends (Kaye could go with you)
Amy: Fracne (Paris)
3. Favorite music group/singer-
Ashley: Rascal Flatts ;-P
Amy: Jonas Brothers
4. How do you feel about plaid shirts-
Ashley: you like them on dad
Amy: Ha! Ha! Ha!

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