Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Catch-Up

-Day 146-
The bottom absolutely fell out about the time Chris was ready to leave for work this afternoon. Thank goodness it let up after a little bit...he was able to wait it out. Anyway, after he left...I went to look for Jon & Michael & this is where I found them............hanging off the front porch playing in the rain. Yep, these are the same two goof-balls that were outside Sunday evening laying on a bale of hay looking up at the stars when they noticed what they THOUGHT was a cat coming across the field. I'm not sure exactly when they realized it was a skunk.....but Michael threw his football at it.....conked it right in the head & rolled it a few times! Thank goodness the smell was basically on the football.....but Clay made them spray off outside with the hose & then strip down to their undies before coming inside. I told them I didn't have my picture of the day yet & they would be just perfect standing there in their wet undies!! LOL I was a nice mom though & didn't do that to them, but honestly.....I don't think they would have minded. They'd most likely have posed for me! ;-P Just wanted to get a pic of my antique rose while the blooms were at their peak.

-Day 145-
Happy Memorial Day
We had a cook-out this evening at Maw's house. Clay had to work & David was flying, so it was just us girls & all the kiddos. Ella & her kids even joined us for the evening. My special dessert that I made with the kids in mind.....Dirt Pudding. Very easy if you'd like to give it a try. One box of chocolate instant pudding, milk, a container of cool whip. Mix this all togehter & place in the bowl. Crunch up a package of Oreos & then sprinkle over the top & garnish with some Gummi Worms. Super easy & really yummy too!

Cori, Alli & Anna
Jesse, Daniel & Batman ;-)
Ella, Taylor, Dillon, Maw & Sarah
Jon, Chris & Michael

-Day 144-
One of Skippy's little calves.....the kids call him willoughby

-Day 143-
Jon carrying Elly......she's so pregnant that she's about to pop! We had a doggie die trying to give birth a while back, so we've been taking her walking with us each evening in hopes that she'll be in good shape when she has these. The only problem is that Spud & Cowboy go with us too....just not on a leash & so when they take off on the trail of a rabbit, she gets upset that she can't follow...thus Jon trying to coax her toward home. As long as Spud or Cowboy are in front of/or with her she trots along just fine.

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