Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Huckleberry Finn

-Day 133-
The girls & I were headed down the drive to take our evening walk & I found Jon & Michael down at the barn practicing throwing their spears they made into that hay bale. I couldn't help but think of Huck finn for some reason yesterday....seeing Jon in his white T with rolled up jeans....just getting into 'Boy Mischief'. -Day 132-
Clay & the boys were down at the barn shooting his pistol. Here, Chris was giving it a try.
-Day 131-
Just happened to look out the window the other day & saw this hatchet stuck in the stump of wood & thought it looked cool.


Sandee said...

As always, you have some wonderful photos here. Now all you need to do is hand Jon and Michael a bucket of whitewash and paintbrushes!

Sherri said...

I love to sit at my bedroom window and watch my kids play outside. It brings back so many memories of the time my sister and I spent playing outdoors