Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pools & Hay & Cake....Oh my!

-Day 140-
Yesterday the boys got the pool all put together & it took all 7 of us...strategically placed around the lift it & place it on the tarp. After that, Jon got in & smoothed out the bottom getting rid of all the wrinkles. Then, he & Alli scrubbed it a second time, making sure the inside was nice & clean. Today we begin to fill 'er up! We had such a fun evening last night.......supper was pork chops on the grill with baked potatoes. PLUS, Clay decided this was the night we'd make home-made icecream. So while supper was cooking & being eaten, the icecream was churning. Boy, talk about something Yummy! Good Golly Miss Molly was that strawberry icecream ever good! Next time, we're making peach. After supper & dessert, Ashley & I cleaned up the kitchen & then still had time for our evening walk before the Grand Finale of American Idol. Boy, what an awesome surprise when Kris Allen won. You should've heard the whooping going on here when his name was announced!! Then to top the whole evening off......we stuck in 'A Goofy Movie' to watch. That one was a favorite when Chris was little & Ashley & Jon had gotten to talking about for some reason & decided to get in on Netflix because all we have is a very worn out VHS tape. Nothing better than sitting up with your teen-agers (and Chris, of course) watching a cartoon movie that was a favorite when they were little.
-Day 139-
These are for you, Aunt Vada.............The haying has begun....Skippy & Mason started cutting here on Tues. I love watching the whole process & Mmmmm.....the sweet smell of freshly cut hay. Of course everyone else in the house is taking allergy pills like crazy & trying to hang out inside til it's all cut & baled. Just doesn't affect me that bad at all......I LOVE it!! If you look closely at that top picture, you can see Skippy standing by the tractor...he & Mason had just traded places.

This is what we rigged up in our garden Monday evening to hopefully protect our beans in case of frost. It got down into the 30s for two nights. Looks like it did the job.

-Day 138-
Monday was Ella's 31st BD (I can say how old you are, right?!) Hee!Hee! Oh well.We got together at Maw's house for a little party. I made her this lovely 'Twilight' cake featuring her 'Mr. H--O--T'........Hubba, Hubba & it was really yummy, if I do say so myself. We had such a good time.......LOTS of laughing.....I mean tears streaming down your face kind of laughing. Wish I could share the source of our laughter here, but I really don't think I'd better. ;-P But I certainly do agree that laughter is a good medicine!! Amen?

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