Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rite of Passage

-Day 137-
We were having lunch today & Ashley asked me (after Jon left the room) if he had shaved.....she said he looked different. Well, that was all it took.....Michael & Alli went tearing off after him upstairs to see if it was true. Lo & behold 'tis true. He took Chris' electric shaver thingie last night & used it. Clay's moustache trimmer wasn't exactly what he needed & Clay didn't want him to use a regular razor right he took it upon himself to use Chris'....which he had bought when he went to school......just to keep his beard shaved down without totally shaving it off if you know what I mean. I asked Jon if he would be my pciture of the day today & he said sure. Another 'Rite of Passage' ;-)-Day 136-
Our fixins for home-made pizzas. The kids & I LOVE home-made pizza & we do this for supper on Saturday night every other week. Jon, Michael & Alli like just cheese & pepperoni while Ashley & I make ours a veggie lovers pizza. I'll add home-made sausage to my half when we have some.
-Day 135-
Clay took the girls to go pick strawberries this evening. Last time he went out near Gretna to pick & this time he thought he'd give it a go out here at Saunder's. A little bit higher in price here, but you pay more in gas to drive out to Gretna. I think the final verdict is that it's worth the difference to make the drive out to Gretna. These out here were 'OK', but Clay says they were very picky about where you picked & they weren't allowed to pick where the really nice berries were. Oh & learn!
-Day 134-
Ashley with one of our first batches of lettuce from our garden. Yum, yum!

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Sandee said...

That's it...I'm visiting on an every other Saturday night so I can enjoy that pizza! MMMm.
Our strawberries are just now starting to bloom.