Monday, October 18, 2010

Drumheller's Orchard

Yesterday was the last day of the Apple Festival out at Drumheller's Orchard. Ashley had been wanting to go especially since we hadn't been in a few years. So, we invited Ella & the kids to come home from church with us yesterday & ride out there for awhile.
Ashley taking pictures of the beautiful countryside!

This is where they have the big ole apple sling shot. There were tons of squished apples down in this field.

Some of the crafty booths. I was sad because there just weren't many crocheted/knitted items there this time. I love looking at all the scarves/baby blankets/afghans, etc.

Inside the packing shed

At least the girls agreed to a few pictures out front with the cool fall decorations! After the apple festival we went home & the kids played outside while I put a pot of 'Deer Chili' on for our supper. We had a really nice Fall afternoon.

Three of Ma-Lady's four newest kittens. They were born down in the hay barn & she's just now brought them up to the house. As we left for church yesterday, I noticed that they were all curled up out here on my hay bales. So cute! That adorable little yellow one is Ashley C's little baby Peaches. ;-)

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Sandee said...

Y'all really know how to have fun!!