Monday, October 18, 2010

Jon's Deer

Ok, so the boys went hunting this morning & when they came back Jon told me he shot TWO deer. I didn't believe him, but he kept insisting that he wasn't pulling my leg. Of course there's a whole long story to it & I'm sure I'd get it totally turned around if I tried to retell it here, so I won't. He shot this awesome 8 pt. & then a spike.

After skinning this guy out over at Mason's....Jon brought Michael home & he set to work in the kitchen cutting up the hams while Jon went back out to see if he could find the spike. He spent several hours searching & never found it. Meanwhile, Michael & I ground & put up 18 lbs. of burger just from the hams....we haven't even done the two shoulders yet! By the time Jon got back home...Michael was about to bust a gut to get back out there & hunt so HE could shoot another deer. I teasingly told him as he left that I was tired from all that work this afternoon on Jon's deer & he just better NOT bring another critter home that needed to be put up & frozen. Well, you won't believe it but when those two came in at supper time Michael says he shot a BEAR!! No one believed him at first either, but dog-gone if he didn't! They gobbled down their supper & called Mason & they are out there now hopefully hauling Michael's bear home! Whew......what a day we have had! Will post pics of Michael's bear tomorrow. ;-)

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Sandee said...

OMgoodness! Y'all aren't going hungry this winter! What a bunch of hunters you have raised. I can't wait to see the bear photos!