Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sitting here listening to my Manheim Steamroller Halloween cd & enjoying this rainy Wednesday! So glad to have my internet back....I've been catching up on some of my favorite blogs. And after doing just that, I decided I'd give a quick run-down of what we're working on school-wise at the moment....thanks to my friend 'Fatcat' at Home*School*Home for inspiring me this morning. ;-)
For grammar we have been using 'Simply Grammar' a revised & expanded edition of 'First Grammar Lessons' by Charlotte Mason. Ashley is also using 'Grammar Essentials' which I checked out from the library to help her brush up on things.
Ashley is also finishing up her she studied about arachnids, centipedes & millipedes. YUK! Plus she is studying for her SAT tests. I got her one of those big ole fat books from Barnes & Noble that teach you all about the SAT testing.
Jon did Government today....reading about foundations & forms of government.
Michael worked on converting mixed numbers & Alli-Cat is doing MUCH, much better in her long division now!! It's so funny to look back & see that Ashley struggled with the very same thing back then too. She had written in the margin of her math book (which is what Alli's using now) 'I don't get it!' & I left it there. When we first started working on that section of long division, I went back to check Alli's work for the day & she had written THE VERY SAME THING across her paper.......'I don't get it!' I laughed & asked her if she copied that from the book.......she looked at me weird & said she hadn't even noticed that Ashley had written that. Kinda crazy that BOTH sisters wrote the very same thing & also kind of cool........not that they struggled, but just to see that most everyone has to work at it in the beginning to get the hang of it. Today she got every single one of the division problems right....I was so proud of her!! She was also working on reading & drawing number lines (part 2)....meaning vertical number lines like a thermometer & guages, etc.
For reading/literature Jon is reading The Fellowship of the Ring & Ashley is reading Tom Sawyer. Not sure what else she's reading at the moment.....probably some of Edgar Allen Poe's stuff considering the time of year. ;-)

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