Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peaks of Otter

Clay had said something to me last week about wanting to go to the Peaks of Otter because none of our kids had ever been up there. Well, not true.....Chris & Ashley went when they were really little....Ashley doesn't even remember because she was only about 8 months old. But....because of work last week, we didn't get to go. So, since he's officially on vacation this week we decided today was the day. And a perfect day it was. The high today was in the mid-upper 50s.....perfect for a hike!

Notice Alli's hair....there was a nice breeze the whole time. Probably would've felt chilly any other time, but hiking, it felt wonderful! Clay set the older three loose & told them to go to it! We know they are MUCH younger than us & have way more energy & he didn't want to hold them back. So off they went while we hiked at a nice slow pace....for us older folks who were definitely not in shape for a hike of this distance. 1.5 miles up & then back! Alli decided to hang with us because she didn't want to go too fast & get blisters on her feet......she really didn't have any 'Hiking' shoes per se so she chose to wear her boots.

one of the overlooks on the way up.

When you get near the top you can go one direction over to Buzzard's Roost & the other way on up to the top of Sharp Top. The kids were already over at Buzzard's Roost so we walked over that way to meet up with them. Jon was thirsty enough that he was willing to sip water out of my PINK water bottle. Hee! Hee!
Looking over to Sharp Top from Buzzard's Roost. And about that name.......there really were buzzards flying all around up there!

This sign is really tells how Sharp Top has an elevation of 3,875 ft. It also goes on to say that Sharp Top was once thought to be VA's highest peak. From it came the VA stone in the Washington Monument which is inscribed: 'From Otter's summit, Virginia's loftiest peak, to crown a monument to Virginia's noblest son.'

Almost to the top.......

Looking down at the lake & the Peaks of Otter Lodge.

Jon perched up on a rock....

Clay decided that if Jon could do it, then so could he!

The view from up there was just breath-taking!!

I'm not real sure how this guy got where he is......but anyway.....better him than me!

Clay was a little sad that it was this hazy. The reason I included this pic is because way off in the distance....right where the land & sky meet....right in the could see the LU monogram & the snowflex! You could see it so much better in real life, but I had to take a picture anyway.
By the time we got back down everyone was SO thirsty & we had already 'vanquished' all the water (as Alli would say) so we stopped at the nearest McDs in Bedford to get some sweet teas for everyone. Jon was wearing Dad's hunting cap & Ashley's sunglasses trying to be 'Epically Boss'. Yeah, whatever! LOL

My legs ache now, but not as bad as I thought they might. I guess by taking it slow & easy, stopping every once in a while to rest/enjoy the scenery & sip some water it really paid off. It was a super fun afternoon!!


Babydoll said...

Wow! Gorgeous scenery!! Nice pictures!

Fatcat said...

Wow, that's pretty. You have some good looking kids there too.

Sandee said...

No way...your McD's has "sweet" tea? OMG!

Amy said...

of course....your McDs doesn't???