Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming game at LU

Michael, Alli, Jon & Chris. SOME of us had a good time. LOL Michael & Alli were not too thrilled with the whole deal. I should've left them at home. Next time I'll know better.
Future LU students here. I can't believe that next year this time Ashley will be a student & Chris will join the ranks of us Alumni.....Yikes!

This was the coolest thing ever......we were all sitting there watching the band & you started hearing people gasp & clap & hoot & holler & then all of a sudden you look up & see these three guys with parachutes headed toward the field. They had jumped from a little plane & landed one at a time on the field with the last guy carrying the American flag on his back!

Half time show....they had several Alumni from the band & flag corps join them for this. It was really cool!

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