Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Fall Adventure

Last year about this time, Ashley & I went on a Fall Adventure riding down some of the back roads around here & enjoying all the pretty fall colors. We couldn't wait for the trees to start turning this year so we could go & take some pictures. So, today was the day. The boys have been out & about in the woods....scouting & what-not, so we took off after lunch. Our first stop was Main St. in Lovingston.....last year we just happened to be out that way for some reason & realized how many houses had decorated for Halloween. It was really cool. Not as many homes were decorated this year as before, but we were still able to get some cool pics.

This one home in particular had gone all out with their decorations!

After leaving Main St., we headed out to Freshwater Cove Lane (where we went riding last fall)

There are the most amazing barns out this way & they all look so pretty against that awesome Fall blue sky!

Love that tall, skinny yellow tree.....very cool!

And you 'Twilight' fans.....if you look closely at the name on the mailbox you will see that Bella SWAN lives here. ;-)

This last pic is for Ashley C.......vanilla iced coffee & vanilla latte as a yummy treat while we explored.
You just can't beat a fun afternoon like this & it cost under $5!

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Sandee said...

Yeah, it costs less out your way because your gas is cheap! We are over $3.00 a gallon once again!
What lovely photos. I feel as if I were in the car along side of both of you.
And those they poke you? Can you eat them?
Gosh, things are so much GREENER out your way. All our fields are brown and thirsty. (unless they are irrigated, of course...)