Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decorations

I got to thinking last night that I'd really like to take a few pics of our Halloween decorations throughout the house. I've done this before with my Christmas decorations & thought it would be fun to do here at Halloween.I think this little guy was just an inexpensive little ditty from Walmart....but all my decorations are inexpensive...LOL!
A close-up of my sideboard in the dining room. Alli just added those purple & black skeletons yesterday. They were in a Dollar Store bag of creepy crawlies that I picked up to decorate our cupcakes for the party this week. The skeletons were kind of big & they had little doo-dads on their heads like they were meant to be hung, so Alli strung them together & made a garland out of them.
A little Dollar Store happy that hangs on the corner cupboard.
This is hanging on the broom closet door in the kitchen. Alli made it. It's a combination of painting (she painted the background, clouds, lightening, road & fence) & cut-outs. The haunted house, moon, tree, ghosts were cut from scrapping paper. The witch was stamped & then cut out & those tomb's a little tag punch of mine that made perfect tombstones & she wrote RIP on each one. I tell ya, this child is SO creative!!

This is hanging on my back door

The wood cook stove in my kitchen decorated with a yummy pumpkin spice candle & a little plastic jack-o-lantern that Maw gave the kids last year.

This little Witchy-Poo had lotion in it once upon a time. Maw gave it to Ashley one year when she was little & she has saved it & always sits her out each year.

Even my scrappy supplies are looking a little festive. Alli took another one of those little plastic jack-o-lanterns & made some hair out of yarn & a little witchy hat for him.

I picked up these little black & white pumpkins at AC Moore last year after Halloween on sale. They look so cute sitting atop our entertainment center in the living room.

And last but not least this adorable kitty is another one of those after-Halloween finds that I picked up last year at AC Moore. He's hanging on the front door in the living room.

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Sandee said...

What a fun home you have created!