Sunday, January 16, 2011

From Friday til Sunday

Forgot that I had these pics on my camera. Alli took this one of her & Cori outside of O'Charley's Friday after her BD lunch. Then I took these of the girls in AC Moore.....trying on some St. Patrick's Day hats.

Then this evening....for reason's I know not boys started plundering in the depths of my closet & dug up these old sport coats....Jon was wearing an old one of Clay's & Michael had on one of Pop's! (How's that for dated?!) They were having a blast & even let Alli tie the tie for them.

Michael trying to act all sophisticated.....Rocky didn't like them dressed like was so funny. And he REALLY didn't like when Alli was trying to tie his tie....I guess he thought she was choking his boy!
I know he's acting all goofy & all, but he sure is handsome though, isn't he?!

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