Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I realized on the way home from church today that I had library books that were due back tomorrow & some couldn't be renewed. So, after lunch, Ashley & I ran out there to drop them off....since Clay would be driving the van tomorrow & we wouldn't be able to go then. While we were out....just us....I let Ashley do some driving. Didn't have much time to get into anything this afternoon, so I settled for just taking a few pics of my latest art journal pages....

A fun birthday page. I used some elements from some of the cards that I received....thought that would be a cool way to save them. The flower border & little tag were from the card that Granny & Papaw sent me & the 'Happy Birthday' letters were from Melanie's card. The verse in the little cloud/bubble was part of my 'Daily Light' devotions on the 23rd & the journaling just tells about my day last Sunday.

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Sandee said...

OMg! Ashley is driving. (sniff). She's all grown up.