Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I was seriously trying to get back into the 'school groove''s been so hard & hit & miss with everyone being sick & not feeling good.....but why does it always happen when I'm 'serious' that I feel like a monkey wrench gets thrown in & messes up my 'best laid plans'. But ya know.....if I actually stop & think about it.......these 'life-monkey-wrenches' are not BAD things, but what makes homeschool so cool, right?! While I have all these math/algebra lessons laid out on the table, Clay comes down & starts messing with a program on the computer......Autodesk Homestyler- free home design/floor plans. See, he's trying to get some ideas about the work we need to do in our kitchen. So, he & Jon proceed to measure & type in/plan out how our kitchen will be. I finally give up & realize this IS really educational, right. Jon is taking measurements in the kitchen & telling Clay so he can type in the dimensions. They put in where the doors/windows are etc. & you can build a floor plan/3d model of how things will look. After all this 'unit study' in home remodeling the boys head out to the woods to cut a load of firewood. It's all good, right? In between.....during lunch.....Jon & I sat on the couch & learned about algebraic know..... 3+ x-5+2x, etc. History can be read later.....when it dark outside & all the outdoor chores have been done. We are also starting to implement some 'Daily Grammar' into our routine too. And on top of all this.....I catch them upstairs together in the evenings......Jon & Alli practicing the guitar together. Throw in getting transcripts written up by me & Ashley working on her application essay for Liberty..........we're always learning & working, aren't we? Even though we don't sit down at the table from 9am- 3pm each day. Sigh......I think I just gave myself a pep-talk. LOL


And if Life didn't get in the way on got in the way again yesterday. I've been working on getting Ashley's transcripts done for Liberty & realized that they needed to be MAILED not emailed.....& in to Liberty by Jan.31....& of course my printer was out of ink. Talk about frustrating! Anyway, Maw had said I could come there & use her printer if that helped......SO, about lunchtime I head out to Lburg going to mom's to get her transcripts, reading log & application essay all printed off & since I was all the way there.....I was going to hand-deliver these documents instead of mailing them. Long story short....(yeah, right!) I'm up-to-date in Ashley's application process......transcripts & essay all delivered & I can breathe a sigh of relief.....for the time being anyway. With TWO graduations & college preparations all looming in the near months.....I don't dare let myself think too far ahead...I'd go crazy & cry & just be a regular 'Mom-mess', with the Lord's help, I'm just taking it one day at a time & enjoying each step of the way!! So, bring on the snow, baby......I have a scrapping date with my Ashley-Girl this afternoon.


Suzanne said...

The longer we homeschool, the more I see that more learning happens OUT of the books than in. Breathe in, breathe out... :-)

Fatcat said...

Yep, that's life when God's running your homeschool. :-P

~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

Beautiful! you are doing a great job! Keep it up! What a blessing to learn that way!