Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

So, my sweet Alli-Girl is 12 years old today. We started the morning off opening presents....and let me just tell you that Rocky had a B.L.A.S.T. Almost more fun than Christmas morning, I think. He snatched the first piece of torn-off wrapping paper & took off running through the house with the paper trailing behind him. It was so funny. Then, he'd come running back to the kitchen & kind of like put on the brakes & skid through all the paper on the floor.
Alli's big gift was her very own guitar. She's been playing around on one of Clay's old ones & it's been hard for her because it was too big. This one is smaller.....just the right size for her to be able to play easier.

The gifts. She has two Taylor Swift guitar books coming from Amazon, but with the holiday yesterday, they didn't get here in time for me to wrap them. She got a new pillow for her bed, a cute little plaid dress from Old Navy (one of those awesome bargains that I got for $5), some mini canvases to paint on, chocolate bars, coloring books (she & Ashley had been talking about how they used to LOVE getting coloring books from the Dollar Store.......so I got her a princess one & one of those cool Lisa Frank ones.....they are in there now coloring as I speak/type), Harry Potter Valentines......it's a joke around here with the brothers teasing her about liking Daniel Radcliffe.....thus the valentines, some nail polish & $10 to shop with. The cute little Bunny is from Ashley.

Ashley found this pattern in one of my crochet magazines & Alli thought it was so cute, so Ashley decided she'd make it for her birthday. She did such an excellent job! She has just taken off with her crocheting skills! I think she needs to sell some of these!!

I know I say stuff like this all the time, but I can't ever seem to get over it...........isn't this just the best snapshot?! This is what family/homeschooling is all about. Jon helping Alli & teaching her what he's learned himself. He's been doing so well with his guitar playing......learning from videos, books & what-not & now he's being able to pass it on to his sister. Just think of the bond these two will build sitting around enjoying their music together.

Happy Birthday #12, my sweet girl! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


Jan said...

Happy Birthday Alli!!!

Kaye said...

Happy Birthday to Alli!! It looks like she got some great gifts. What kind of cake did she have?