Saturday, January 01, 2011

Art Journaling

Well, poo............I just sat here & wrote a novel about each art journal page, then my computer went all wonky on me & poof.....the journaling is gone. So, guess's late & I'm NOT rewriting all that. I want to get the pics on here & if you have any questions about the pages, feel free to ask away.
These first two are new....done today....the 'Peace on Earth' page was done back during the Christmas break.

OK, so I'm editing here so I can tell y'all about my pages. This one was done back before Christmas. I stamped the Christmas trees with black acrylic paint & once that was dry, I went back & painted the trees & the blue background.
This one...I just kind of started off playing around not knowing where things were going & the page sort of 'evolved'. I stamped the gold bird on an old book page & it was just kind of blah, so I outlined it & cut it out. Added it to my painted background along with the little snippet out of a magazine. Stamped some gold circles with the paint cap & then the lyrics to Tim McGraw's song kind of popped into my head & I thought it was the perfect finishing touch for my page.
For this one, I gathered a handful of paper scraps that co-ordinated & started laying them down like a patch work quilt. Then I stamped the little coffee cup & doodled the words & finally added some pen-stitching to complete the whole effect.
Here I was playing around with a new technique using salt. First of all I glued down the snippets of old book pages & painted the whole background with water colors. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled some salt on the page. It kind of crystalizes & runs making a really cool effect. It looks so much better in real life.
This one was just some random fun-ness with a cut up magazine ad.....glued onto a water color background & then outlined with a sharpie marker.
I did this back around Halloween.....painted the background with orange water color & then stamped the trees with black acrylic paint. Can you tell yet that I love using water colors & acrylics?
A couple more Fall themed pages. The backgrounds on both are water colors. Again, I stamped the leaves with black acrylic paint & later added the leaf colors with water color paint. The spider web is done with black acrylic & you can't really see it too well in the pic, but I added some clear glitter glue to the web & there's also a little sparkly spider down at the bottom.
This is one of my favorites.....I drew this in pencil on an old envelope or scrap of paper, I can't remember which. I just remember working on it outside sitting under my Dogwood tree back in the summer. After drawing it all out, I went back over it all with a fine point sharpie marker & finished it off with water colors. THEN, I pasted the finished product in my art journal. I had to splice it across two pages, but I was really happy with how it turned out.
I'll probably get back on here tomorrow & edit this so I can tell you all about the different art pages.
Below is the layout I did today of the Christmas photos that I received this year in my Christmas cards....


Patti said...

I LOVE your art journal!

Sandee said...

Of course your children are artists....look at their mom!!!

Suzanne said...

Hi Amy, thanks for your nice comments on my blog. :-) Do you have any idea how many times I've started an art journal? Love the looks of yours and I totally get the whole creative outlet thing, but as of yet, I'm a big FAIL on them. I'm following you now, is that creepy? LOL