Friday, January 14, 2011

More Daily Stuff

Well, today was the first time in about two weeks that Alli has been out of the house anywhere. I think she's finally over this crud. Continue the prayers for all the boys....Michael, Jon, Clay & especially Chris. Not that Chris is THAT sick, but I just hate that he WAS so sick back at Christmas & now he's got this cold stuff & having to go back to school & all......I'm just praying that he will get over this & not get himself all run down! We had Alli's BD lunch at O'Charley's today.....with Maw, Ella & kids. Anna now has the 'crud' so they stayed home. Alli was sick & missed Anna's BD & now Anna's sick & missing Alli's BD celebrating. * Sigh* Guess that just goes along with having a winter BD......seems you are either dealing with sickness or snow. Oh well.....we had a really nice time! After lunch we ran a few errands & let Alli do some shopping. We got Chris' shoes exchanged that he got for Christmas, bought Michael's model rocket launch kit for him from Michael's with a 50% coupon. ;-) Then we hit the mall for a bit. Alli got some goodies at Aeropostale & Forever 21. All of this, got groceries & still made it home by around 6pm. Fixed a quick Friday night supper & Chris headed out about 7. He was heading back & straight to the LU Bookstore.....he bought all but one book online & he wanted to go this evening....right before they closed....& hopefully avoid the LONG lines, if he could. He hated the thoughts of a long wait just for one little book. Got a message from him a little bit ago & he's back in the 'Burg all safe & sound ready for his last semester. *sniff, sniff*
Yesterday I finished up all my little squares for my pillow topper & was playing around trying to find out how the colors looked know, the best color placement.
Finally got it the way I liked it & decided I'd better draw a little pattern, so I could remember how I wanted it all to go together.

Here's how it's going to look. I do have all the squares stitcehd together now....just want to put a small edging around the outside of the whole thing & then I will figure out a backing. Maybe I can use Lucy's idea & find a 'jumper' at Good Will & do the back like she does. We shall see.

Daniel's birthday pics that I scrapped......showcasing ways to use shipping tags. For this one, I stamped/distressed one large shipping tag & then cut about 1/3 off the bottom end. I used the larger portion for my journaling & the smaller portion I used as a decorative accent.

For this LO of our Christmas tree, I used one of the tags that I had made for our Christmas Tag swap over at Cookin' Up Creations. Made the perfect little accent for my page.
Got a head ache now....kind of sinus-y, over my eyes. Think I'm gonna go fix a cup of coffee & head to bed before too long.

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