Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tea Party

Ashley & I went to Anna's birthday party yesterday afternoon......she had a tea party.....complete with girls in fancy dresses, finger sandwiches, cookies & of course a variety of hot teas & lemonade. It was really alot of fun. Sad that Alli missed out....she's still feeling kind of crummy. Most everyone except Ashley & I are in various stages of this 'crud' that's been going around our house since the week before Christmas.
Anna's big gift was her violin...from her mom/dad/grammy/poppy. She was so excited......can't wait to start taking lessons soon! She already looks like a natural.

Some more art journaling doodles......I've been doing alot of pencil drawings which I'm sure I'll go back & add color to one day when the mood hits me.
doodle drawing inspired by the Casting Crowns song 'East to West'
And as much as I hate to admit it.......I doodle during church. Now don't be appalled......I am totally listening & paying to take a guess as to what the message was about today?! Yes, that's right......JOY! Philippians ch. 1. Nine times out of ten any notes that I take come out looking somewhat like this......with some sort of doodling/drawing all around & in between.....I just can't help it.

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