Friday, December 31, 2010


Chris is working Winterfest this year. Clay snapped that pic of him last night before things got really crowded. Can't beat working it & getting to be there for BOTH nights of the activities & right down front too! And yep....kind of very spur-of-the-moment Clay & Jon ended up going...both last night & tonight. There really wasn't anyone there that Ashley was overly thrilled about seeing so she opted to stay home. She said if it had been Toby Mac, then that would've been a different story. Some of the artists they've heard are Family Force 5, Third Day, Hawk Nelson & Newsboys (with Michael Tate) will be ringing the New Year in from 11pm-midnight.

Today is Anna's 9th we met them along with Maw, Mari & Katelyn today at Pizza Hut for some birthday lunch. Her party is going to be NEXT Saturday. Above, she's opening her cool back pack/sleeping bag combo that she had been wanting. Now she's all set for her visits to NC to see Grammy & Poppy.

Katelyn, Anna & Ashley

Poor Daniel...he was the only boy there today amongst a whole bunch of us girls! He did NOT want to get in the picture with the girls, although I tried. So, this is the shot I got instead. Such a BOY! ;-)

After a yummy lunch, Ashley & I went on to run some errands & get our groceries. Just had to check out Target & a few others to see what kind of after-Christmas deals I might find. Didn't come home with too awful much.....just some wrapping paper from Target. One roll for .63 & 3 other bigger rolls for $1.25 each. I'm all set for NEXT year now. And I was most pleased to find my new slippers! Just thought I'd post a picture here for Sandee.....since she was asking if I got any new, yes ma'am, I did! ;-) Ran by Mickey D's on our way home this evening......I had promised Alli & Michael that I get them a treat for supper. So, now here we are cozied up in our jammies, by the woodstove, getting ready to watch a movie & ring in the New Year.


Sandee said...

It does my heart good to see that your feet will be warm and comfy for 2011!

Kaye said...

You have excellent taste in slippers. I have that exact same pair!!