Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coloring books & Crochet

Thursday night found us watching 'A Christmas Carol' at the LU Theater....Maw, Ashley & I. Such a good version & the little kids in it really stole the show.....especially Tiny Tim!I tried snapping a few pics of Rocky this morning & this was the best I could get. He has a new nickname now......we started off calling him the 'Mulcher', but I'm kind of partial to 'Wood Chuck' myself. With the wood stove in full swing & a nice little stack of firewood readily available, he totally loves finding a nice piece of wood/bark & gnawing it to pieces....quite literally! I sweep constantly becuase it looks like my little Wood Chuck has been chucking wood! LOL!

This is what I've been doing today. Well.....along with some chores thrown in for good know stuff like laundry & washing dishes & preparing meals. But who could resist a good old fashioned Christmas coloring book. Not sirreeee! I know I've said it before, but boy does this take me back to my childhood. I LOVED a new coloring book & nice sharp Crayola crayons. We (I) just HAD to pick up a couple more new coloring books yesterday at AC Moore.

And along with the chores & coloring I've managed to sneak in some hooky time. Making some more Granny Stars to give away as Christmas treats. I also finished up Ashley's circle garland last night & she has it draped over her tri-fold partition/curtain thingy in her hallway.
I've also watched a few Christmas movies today too. Or at least bits & pieces of a couple different ones.....some of Jack Frost & The Santa Clause. Not sure what we might watch tonight. Saving all the GOOD ones to watch when Chris gets home next week!

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Sandee said...

"Miracle on 34th Street" has always been a tradition in my family. What a great story.