Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Men

For the past couple of years the kids have wanted to bake gingerbread men, but it just seems that we never get around to it...what with all our other baking, etc. But this year I was determined that we WERE going to do gingerbread men!! I actually mixed up the dough yesterday with all good intentions of baking them yesterday afternoon. But then Alli decided to go shopping with Clay & Jon so I opted to wrap presents instead while they were gone & we'd do the baking today.
I did all the baking & then let the girls decorate. I really didn't have a variety of silver balls, Sandee (LOL)...but they were more than happy with the tube of blue cookie frosting I had.

Ashley did the 'coffee' one & Alli made Superman...

.....but I think my most favorite of all is this 'Jamie Hyneman' from Mythbusters that Alli made. Isn't he just the cooliest?!

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Sandee said...

That is a riot! I love the last one the best. It looks just like him. How did she do that?!