Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shopping with my Honey

Today was our yearly traditional Christmas shopping/celebrating Clay's birthday day out together. We got a good bit finished up....3 out of 5 kids ain't bad. Michael has just been a booger to shop for this year, but anyway.
I snapped this picture of my Granny Stripe blankie this afternoon while I sat in the van & waited on Clay to check on a game in Game Stop. Not my favorite store to visit......I was more than happy to get a row done on my blanket while I waited. I'm loving how the colors are all coming together. It's so nice to sit down in the evenings & do some mindless crocheting. Which is what I'm getting ready to do now.....the kids are calling for me to hurry & come watch 'A Christmas Story' with them, so off I go.

1 comment:

Fatcat said...

I do not enjoy Gamestop either. I make my oldest take the younger 2 kids inside when we go.

So the other 2 kids aren't going to get anything? Sounds fair. :-)
Hey, kids, life's tough. LoL.