Monday, December 27, 2010

Cozy After-Christmas Days

"When I sit at my computer to write my blog each day, I do not have any great expectations about gaining anything much. I am not attempting to boost sales, to fish for compliments, to gain recognition. But all the same it is very very nice to feel appreciated, and to know that by some miracle, my words and pictures do reach out into the world and generate little ripples of inspiration, happiness, brightness. And in turn, each and every one of your comments sends it's own ripple of happiness and brightness back through my window, like a ray of sunshine. That's truly how I see it, and how I feel about blogging. I absolutely love the rippling connections that take place back and forth between me and you, the giving and receiving that occurs in both directions between blog-writer and blog-reader. I think it's absolutely fantastical."


Quoting Lucy at Attic24 above....Can I just DITTO what she has expressed there. I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiments she has expressed!!

Yesterday was very low-key for us. Just playing catch-up with the laundry & enjoying some down time. Alli & Jon were set up at the craft table & spent some time painting together. This is Alli's painting...

...And the beginnings of Jon's. He's finished now, so I'll have to get another picture of the finished product.

The sun was so pretty yesterday evening about supper time as it was going down behind the mountains (hills) that I just had to run out & snap a few pics. Of course, these just don't do it was so much prettier in real life.

I spent quite a bit of time reading....between baskets of laundry yesterday afternoon. I'm trying to finish up 'Redeeming Love' was due back at the library yesterday. We ended up not making it out there on time yesterday....but that's ok....I can finish it this morning & then we'll take it back....just ONE day late. That's not the end of the world! Since I was so concentrated on reading, I never actually picked up my Granny Stripe blanket.....but I did keep this little basket close at hand & was able to whip up a few more little squares for my collection. These are all done with left-overs from the Granny Square afghan I have on my bed right now. Plus I'm going to throw in a few squares with the colors I'm using in the Stripe blanket & these little guys will be used to make a matching throw pillow. I already picked up a square pillow from Good Will the other week for $1.35....just the perfect size I was looking for....just right for covering. ;-)
Hope everyone is enjoying these cozy after-Christmas days....I know I sure am!

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Sandee said...

Thank you so much for connecting me to Attic 24. I don't crochet but I love her blog. I feel as if my family has grown and her "wee ones" are now a part of me.
Your blog adds so much joy to my life, it is hard to express. My days are not complete until I've checked in on your sweet family.