Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Another day of coziness & puttering around doing my usual daily chores. Everything just seems more pleasant this time of year.....I guess it's all the Christmas excitement in the air & the fact that it's pretty dang cold outside.....but nice & cozy inside! Christmas music is almost constantly playing quietly in the background.....Clay treated himself (& me too) to downloading the two Carpenter's Christmas albums that we used to listen to back in the day when we were in college & dating & so in love. 'Merry Christmas, Darling' can still melt my heart & make me swoon almost 25 years later! I picked this little book up at the library was suggested on a blog I was reading. 'The Christmas Letters' by Lee Smith. It's a small little novella...only 126 pages long...but I'm loving it so far!
I read & crocheted in between batches of oatmeal cookies baking. Needed to bake up some Christmas love to share with my college boys this weekend. You know they need some homemade yumminess while they study for finals & work on projects & papers that are due here at the end. In a little bit, Ashley & I will be heading out to meet Maw & go see 'A Christmas Carol' at the LU Theater. Of course we will make a quick stop by Starbucks ahead of time for our now traditional 'Before-the-play-coffee.' Aaahhh......the fun times together that make the Christmas season so special!

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New Every Morning said...

I owned the Carpenter's Christmas record when I was in middle school. Still love it! Thanks for reminding me of how great it is... I'm off to download some tunes! :)