Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Past Two Days...

This was my Monday...it started off with lots of laundry to fold. I read somewhere before about being thankful for all the piles of laundry because.....it means I have a family to care for & it means that we have plenty to wear plus a washer/dryer to help get it all clean. So needless to say I was feeling VERY thankful as I folded clothes yesterday morning.

Notice Gibbs laying in her little patch of sunshine. She practically lives upstairs these days....I guess she enjoys that corner of my bed.

Ashley spent most ALL day yesterday baking...getting ready for our Christmas cookie swap at Maw's tomorrow.
We tried alot of new recipes this year. Most, if not all came from this Martha Stewart cookie book we got from the library. Some of the recipes she tried were applesauce oatmeal raisin, coconut biscuits, Banana chocolate chunk & my personal favorite...the cream cheese walnut cookies shown above. We will dfinitely be making these again! While Ashley baked all day I was finishing up my little crocheted Granny Stars & I also made a cheese ball & Mexican dip. It was a busy, busy day!


Party Day

Ashley C opening her new 'Chocolate Cupcake' blankie that I crocheted for her. Look at the sun coming in that window....Looks like her nose is glowing.

Alli, Anna & Cori in front of Maw's tree.

Singing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus! Maw made cupcakes with candles on them so each kid could have a candle to blow out!

Ashley, Ashley & Chris
Shelly & Ella

Alli was showing Ashley some of her drawings.

Jess & Daniel taking a break from playing to have a little snack.

What a nice way to end the day/semester....Starbucks! At least THIS time we were able to get a nice little visit in & we weren't in such a rush like the last time we tried this.
Merry Christmas!!


Sandee said...

I'm so glad you weren't snowed in and were able to have your cookie party. What fun.

Patti said...

It looks like so much fun! And the cookies look delicious..how nice to have a baker in the house. You are blessed, Amy girl!