Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is Clay's 45th birthday. And wouldn't ya know it, but he goes & pulls something in his back this morning & is hobbling around like an 'Old Man' all day. Jon MADE Clay this awesome taco holder. Yes, he made it himself.....even down to whittling the little pegs & they are hammered all the way through that board....not just glued in. This thing is so cool! I told him he needed to sell them. See, the story behind this is the fact that Clay loves tacos, but hates....I mean despises to the point of grumbling terribly....trying to make/fill his taco shell without having the contents spill all over his plate. He's alway said he needed some kind of gadget to hold the shells while he fixed his tacos. We've been telling Jon for a while that he needed to make one of these for Dear old dad & he finally did. ;-) And we are having tacos for supper Wednesday night, so I'll let y'all know how this works out!
Look at all the artwork Daddy received......the deer drawn by Ashley, the duck by Michael & the red gift is a winter painting on a board done by Alli. I love the way the wood grain shows through the paint.....a very cool effect!

Clay's favorite cake......Devil's food with chocolate icing, of course! I got fancy this year & grated the bakers chocolate on top.

Alli insisted that we needed to put 45 candles on the cake & light we did!

Notice the heating pad........Clay's gift to himself for his hurting back.....Kind of funny really!

Ready, set.......BLOW!
Hope your day was a happy one, Clay-Baby.
We love you SO much!!

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Sandee said...

Happy Birthday, Clay! I hope your back heals quickly.
Amy, post a photo of the tacos filled when you have tacos! What a perfect gift for Clay. The artwork is exceptional. I'd say he had a pretty special birthday other than his back.