Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hookiness & Hot Tea

Well, I must say that Chris is feeling MUCH better now thanks to lots of prayers & good ole home remedies. ;-) He has consumed his fair share of hot Chamomille tea with honey & lemon over the past several days. BUT.....now Jon & Alli both have sore throats. *sigh* I need to make a run to the store for more honey, tea & Nyquil. LOL! Hopefully they can rest & get to feeling better again here before too long. Also praying that Ashley, Michael & Clay can steer clear of it if at all possible.I pulled out my Granny Stripes yesterday afternoon....fixed myself a nice cup of tea & sat down in the nice warm sunshine for some much-needed hooky time.

I'm loving how the colors are coming together. No plan at all as to the order of colors.....just kind of how I think they look good together. Look at the sun playing through the windows here.....I totally adore the afternoon sun when it comes around to my dining room windows. This is my most favorite time of day & I love sitting in MY spot here at the craft table whether it's crocheting or scrapping or whatever. Pure heaven, I tell ya!

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Sandee said...

Amy, that is certainly the prettiest afghan ever! The warmth oozes out from your photos.