Wednesday, December 01, 2010

25 Random Things

I saw this done on someone else's blog & thought it was a fun idea & so I've been putting together my list of 25 Random Things that you may or may not know about me.


1. COFFEE- I'm not what you'd call a 'fancy' coffee drinker. I much prefer fixing my own coffee at home. Maxwell House Masterblend, sugar & fat free French Vanilla creamer. Except this time of year I gotta have me some Peppermint Mocha creamer. And I recently found it in the larger size bottle at my Walmart. WooHoo!

2. '19 KIDS & COUNTING'- Love that show...the girls & watch it every Tuesday night after NCIS. That's my favorite night for TV. I have to get my Duggar fix. I admire Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar so much......what a beautiful family & what an awesome testimony they have!

3. HOSPITALS- No, I do NOT enjoy hospital stays! Not that I've had that many...basically only with the birth of my kids. I like to be in & out--I don't consider a hospital stay in any way being pampered. :-P

4. READ- 99.9% of the time I have to read before I fall asleep, even if its only 10 mins. It just helps me end my day, relax & fall asleep.


6. TATTOOS- Nope, never, NO way!

7. GREEN THUMB- I so don't have a green thumb. My family teases me because the only plant I've ever been able to keep alive is my aloe plant.....mainly because it doesn't take much water & can endure my neglect! It's HUGE!! Oh, and that mint plant that Sarah gave me is growing like a weed (LOL) too!

8. CROCHET- I LOVE to crochet.....especially Granny Squares. I inherited this love of crochet from both my Memaw & her sister, Aunt Mamie.

9. 'I LOVE LUCY'- I can randomly quote stuff from 'I Love Lucy'---- one of my favorites is 'Martha.....Martha....slowly I turn....step by step....inch by inch...' And my kids can be just as bad. The other day for whatever reason someone said,'I tippy-tippy toe through my garden, where all the pretty flowers dwell.' And someone else piped in with 'Derry down pip pip'.....and someone else sang 'Dilly dilly day'......then another with 'A nani nani' & I finished it off with 'Rippity pippity a' It was hilarious........I know....pretty lame, huh?!

10. LOUD- our family is loud! And everyone jumps into the middle of everyone else's's not's just what we do. Anyone ever see 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'? Well, that's our family. Gotta luv 'em! <3

11. COUNTRY LIVING- I love the slow-paced country life style. Sitting on my front porch or under my Dogwood tree with my iced tea (sweet, of course) either reading or crocheting....enjoying the sunshine & drinking in the day.

12. WOOD HEAT- I love heating our home with the wood stove. It's just something about it that's so cozy & inviting.

13. SRING & FALL- my favorite seasons. Not too hot & not too cold.....just right!

14. EDITOR- I should be an editor/proof reader or something. My eye is ALWAYS automatically drawn to grammatical errors--always has been. I just can't help it. I can't stand errors like 'Then & Than'.....'To & Too'..... 'Their & They're' I go back & run a spell-check on myself. LOL

15. NIGHT OWL- I don't consider myself a night owl or a terribly early morning person. I'm kind of in the middle. I'm most always in bed by midnight & always up between 7:20-7:30am. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed, that's when I wake up....ALWAYS. It's this internal clock of mine....I really HATE alarm clocks! I really need my sleep so I won't be grumpy & I totally enjoy my morning quiet time before anyone else gets up.

16. AUTHOR(S)- Right now my two favorite authors are Karen Kingsbury & Beverly Lewis.

17. HOME-BODY- yeah, that's me.....I'm perfectly content to spend my days at home doing what I was called to do.

18. SALVATION- was reading on Denise Reber's (oops, I forget her married name....please forgive me) blog about those 'freaky "Thief In the Night" ' movies & I had to laugh. I saw that same 'freaky' movie the night I got saved. Scarey, scarey movie for a 9 yr. old. Was so afraid that the Lord would come back before I could get home & talk to mom. That was July 25, 1974.

19. DOCTORS- I don't like running to the Doctor. I rarely even take a's got to be a pretty dang bad headache before I'll even think of Tylenol.

20. VITAMINS- along with #19....I take my vitamins/suppliments everyday (something we've learned from Maw :-)) Black Cohosh, St. John's Wort, Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin name a few off the top of my head.

21. BAKERY BIRTHDAY CAKES- I refuse to buy them!!! Like Ashley says, 'Why don't people bake anymore?' I mean how hard is it to bake a cake? Seriously folks! The only time in near recent history that I broke down & bought a cake was a few years back for Clay's BD. The element in our oven was gone & I knew it was important to the little people to have a cake for daddy's BD, so I bought a small one from Food Lion.

22. SANDWICHES- I don't care for them. When I was in school I preferred for Maw to fix me peanut butter crackers instead. Now a Subway sandwich is different, but just plain ole bread....not so much.

23. BARGAIN HUNTING- I consider myself to be a pretty decent bargain hunter, as most of my friends/family know....but I tell ya, Sarah has me beat HANDS DOWN! That girl is the QUEEN.....she can work a yard sale like no other & the price adjustments..... We love to scrounge yard sales, Good Will & you ONLY shop the clearance/sale racks/bins in places like Target & Old Navy. Nothing beats the rush of a great deal!

24. GROCERY SHOPPING- I don't mind grocery shopping--really, I don't. I love having my menu planned for the week & my list made accordingly. I'm always very 'focused' when I shop.

25. MUSIC- LOVE's good for my soul! Singing along with Chris Tomlin at the moment. 'Carry me away.....Carry me away.... & I can see the river.....I can feel the river...I'm letting go of everything but you.'

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