Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Evening

Christmas pics- Round 2:
Christmas dinner at Maw's houseAshley & Alli all decked out in their Christmas best!
Ashley, Anna & Alli

Aunt Vada, Clay....don't you just love that shirt?! & Uncle Johnny

Jon, Daniel & Michael

Daniel sporting the new cap I crocheted for him

Isn't Jon just the coolest with Daniel's Speed Racer helmet on?

Mario Michael

'Miss Hooker' (Wendy) with her new floofy ruffles

One of my favorite pics of the evening! This pose just so reminds me of Memaw....Miss Priss. Don't you just love this whole, jeans, plaid shirt, all those floofy black frillies & the Santa hat to finish off the ensemble.

And not to be outdone.....Sarah just HAD to find her some sparkly frilliness & get in on the action! No one could really believe how CRAZY this family can be until you've experienced it in person! Too much fun!


Church was cancelled this morning becuase of the snow......I was planning on staying in anyway. Just didn't want to push it with Chris still feeling bad & praying that everyone else can continue to stay well. Cozying in by the fire today to watch an NCIS marathon while I crochet to my heart's content. Then this evening at 5:30 we're having our BIG family Christmas dinner over here at Mari's. At least I don't have far to go. ;-) Can't wait to visit with all the rest of the family. So, I'm sure I will have a 'Round 3' installment of Family Christmas pics for y'all by tomorrow.

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