Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

Clay had to work today & I headed out early this morning to be brave & get some groceries. I left home at 8am & got home a little after lunch. Not too bad at all really. And I'm happy to say that most everyone I came in contact workers at Mickey Ds, check-out people, greeters....they were all very pleasant & everyone was wishing everyone else 'Merry Christmas'......not 'Happy Holidays', mind you.....but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!When I got home, I put all the groceries away & got busy with all the last-minute chores like finishing up the wrapping, baking for tomorrow & throw in a little laundry for good measure.

I tried a new recipe that I found on another blog for Spicy Pretzels. They turned out really good. Will definitely be doing more of these!!

Home-made pumpkin pies for Christmas dessert.

For Christmas Eve supper, we did Vitos pizza....YUM! Right now everyone is in the living room enjoying all the Christmas specials on TV & I'm supposed to be wrapping up Rocky's treats from tomorrow. Guess I should hop to it, so I don't have to stay up too terribly late tonight. Mrs. Clause needs her beauty rest, ya know!

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