Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Barbies, Gravestones & Valentines

I love my life.....never a dull moment around here! I am not sure what got into my girls this morning.......why they went off down a 'Barbie Rabbit Trail'.....but they did. They got to talking about different ones....they ALL have names & families, you know.....and Alli ended up digging out her Barbie carrying case & they started going through all of them. It was so fun to just sit in here & listen to them going on in the other room! Math lessons were assigned this morning & then Ashley & I headed out to the library. On our way home....it was such a gorgeous day...in the mid 40s......and Ashley wanted me to drive down the road across the way over here....down by John Ed's barn. There was a cool old house she wanted me to see.....she & Jon discovered it back in the fall on one of their walks. It's a darling little farm house....yellow with a green tin roof & dormer windows.....a sidewalk leading to the front door lined by HUGE boxwoods that reminded me so much of Cedar Forest when I was a little kid. Anyway....we went on down to the end of the road to turn around & since we were there, we got out to look at the gravestones. Memaw, Papaw & Norma Gray are all buried over there.....

Maw's older sister

Memaw & Papa

Not sure who these other stones belonged to, but Ashley wanted me to take pics because they were all Purvis'. So....this was our History lesson today.....Family History.
When we got home, the boys headed up to the mountain to cut a load or two of firewood. I think they made two trips & were able to borrow Mason's splitter & get most of it split up, I think. They spent the whole afternoon out there working! And while the boys were working outside, the girls & I worked inside. I stuck an 'I Love Lucy' disc in the computer & we worked on Valentines. Technically Ashley worked on her pictures for her KY album & I worked on Valentines. I didn't get a whole lot done, but I am pleased that I got 4 made. That's a start.

Here are the ones I made this afternoon. Need to get these off in the mail here as soon as possible & then I need to work on the ones for our little homeschool party. While I worked this afternoon, I had a pot of chili simmering on the back burner. Then I fixed a thing of Mexican Cornbread to go with it for supper. Super quick & easy.....that's the way I like it! Off to shuffle loads of laundry now & then my Granny Stripe afghan is calling my name.

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Kaye said...

What's with the nudist colony?? LOL!! Barbie needs some clothes.