Sunday, February 06, 2011

Birthday Party

Today after church, we all gathered at Maw's house to celebrate her & Chris' birthdays. It was one our usual noisey, crazy, get-togethers.Maw-71 (am I allowed to tell her age?) and Chris-22

Everyone was taking pics & Chris was saying he didn't know which camera to look at......felt like the paparazzi was after him & Jon pops his head in there & said, was just because of HIM! He's so funny!

Chris & Ashley C.

This picture is priceless.......taken by Ashley C. as Maw opened this cool little refrigerator magnet that Ashley B. painted & made for Maw. It had her favorite Bible verse on it.

My COFFEE mug that Sarah gave me for my birthday.

Ashley & I made this fresh coconut cake for Maw. It's her favorite....using Memaw's recipe. Don't laugh about the candles......remember their cake last year......the 7 is for Maw because she's 71 & the two red ones are for Chris because he's 22. Yeah, I know.....we're SUCH a clever family! I baked a chocolate cake for Chris to have to take back to his dorm.

The girlies totally enjoyed the chocolately goodness made by Ashley C......molten lava cakes! YUM! Just look at the expression on Alli's face!

I happened to look out the window at one point & this is what I cracked me up! Michael was out back playing with Daniel on the swings & for whatever reason he had on Daniel's football helmet! And if that helmet isn't good enough......check out the bare FEBRUARY, no less. Of course it WAS in the mid 50s today, so you know.

Got ready to leave this evening & our van wouldn't start. I thought, wonderful....dead battery & no one had any jumper cables.....not me, not Chris & not Maw. So I called Clay hoping he hadn't left work yet....he was planning on getting off early today so he could go home & watch the super bowl. Thank goodness I caught him & he was leaving there in about 5 mins & would come straight over. After a few mins. he called me back & said to check the connections & see if perhaps they were corroded......sure enough, when Jon checked, he said YES they were very corroded. So Clay tells him to clean them.....pour some Coke over them if we had any. Jon pipes up & said he had seen on Myth Busters that Coke didn't really make that much difference, so he sprayed them off with some WD40 & then had me try it & she started right up! Boy, was I ever proud of my homeschooled child!! And to think he learned part of that from Myth Busters (such a cool show) & the other mechanical stuff from his dad. We got it started just as Clay was coming down the hill to Maw's house....LOL. So, all was well.......Jon rode home with Clay & the rest of us ran by Starbucks......Alli & I both had FREE birthday coffees that needed to be used before the expiration date. What an eventful day! The boys got to enjoy the super bowl this evening & my two girlies are upstairs watching 'Breakfast at Tiffanies'.....they said they were having their own version of a super bowl party. Could it be that they are just a tad bit hyped up on chocolate & Starbucks coffee? Fun times!

Pretty flowers given to Maw by Linda & Dale.

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