Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dentist & Antiquing

Went for our final consult about Ashley's invisalign braces today. The computer technology is amazing. They showed us how her teeth look now & gradually how they will change & what the final results will look like. We wrote a check & they are putting the order through in the morning, so she will be in braces in about two weeks. She is so excited! After the dentist, Clay headed back home....he had left the boys in charge of smoking a deer ham for supper & Ashley & I headed off to some antique places over that way.

These first two pics were taken for the boys. Ashley said she knew Jon would particularly like that first sign & Michael would get a kick out of those lovely faces! LOL

I love these two little Avon pins. I actually had two just like this when I was little & hoping that Maw can uncover them somewhere in her bathroom closet maybe. I'd love to have them!

On up the road a bit, we stopped into the Covesville Store. It is the coolest place. Love the big old house turned into store with the creaky old wood flooring, cool stairways, etc. Ashley decided that she wanted to live here....or it at least could be our vacation spot....where we could escape for a weekend here & there & spend scrapping in the upstairs rooms (our own little 'Attic 24') Sounds perfect to me! A girl can dream, right?!

Started on another quick little hooky project this afternoon. I'm wanting to take my heart garland down & replace it with these adorable little spring flowers.

I plan on crocheting up a bunch of these & then stringing them on a green chain. Should look very springy, I think.

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Suzanne said...

Good luck to Ashley with the braces. :-) And hey, those crocheted flowers are cool! Think how those would look strung across a layout!