Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Off Track AGAIN.....

Jon was supposed to have a dentist appointment today at, I'm waking children up this morning just so everyone has time for showers before we have to leave. And don't you just know that right after I woke everyone up......I mean I just got back downstairs, grabbed my coffee & sat down at the computer desk when the phone rang. The dentist office calling to tell me they need to reschedule Jon's appointment because the dentist is sick. I asked if I could possibly have an appointment on a day next week when one of the other three have to go....Michael goes Tuesday, Alli on Wednesday & Ashley goes back again on Thursday. Well, lo & behold if she doesn't say she has an opeing for tomorrow morning at 10:45am. Good grief! It's all fine & dandy really.....but you know. I'm gonna be the Road Runner here over this next week. Starting tomorrow, I think Saturday is the only day I won't have somewhere to go for nine whole days. Now, some folks might not think anything of this.....big whoop....they run here & yonder at the drop of a hat. But I'm such a home-body.....I go to town on Fridays & church on Sunday & other than a once a week trip out here to our local library, that's usually it. So tomorrow it starts with Jon's dentist appt, Friday is grocery day, Sat. I'm home (Yipee!) Sun. church, Mon. our Valentine party at Maw's house, Tues. Michael to the dentist, Alli goes on Wed, Ashley on Thurs. & Fri. it's back to town for groceries again. *Sigh*Here are some of my latest scrappy creations. I actually got these first two layouts done this afternoon.

Off to watch Idol with the kiddos here in a minute & work on my Granny afghan. I need to take a few more pictures of that & show you all how it's coming along. This is going to be one heavy/warm blanket when I'm done. I love spreading it out across my legs while I'm working on it....yep, it's that big already!

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~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

those layouts are beautiful! You were jammin! That is a ton! great work! Well hope all the trips out are peaceful! Dentist... oh i dread going there! :)